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What to Expect from a Funeral Service Package

Published: September 4, 2023
by Parent-Sorensen Mortuary and Crematory
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During the overwhelming time that follows the loss of a loved one, funeral homes in Novato, CA, offer a ray of hope with funeral service packages designed to alleviate grief. So what do such packages encompass?

The Comprehensive Details of a Funeral Service Package

A funeral service package serves as a coping mechanism, making it easier for grieving families to sail through the funeral planning process. The aim is to provide a respectful, dignified farewell for the deceased, while also considering the family's emotional well-being. Here is a deeper look into what these packages generally include: 

1. Body Preparation: The care given to the deceased is a crucial part of the service package. From embalming for traditional burials to preparation for cremation or green burials, these services are conducted with the utmost respect for the dead and the living alike. 

2. Funeral Ceremony Management: Coordinating all the necessary arrangements for a viewing, wake, or memorial service can be an overwhelming task that funeral homes undertake. They ensure a smooth and orderly ceremony that fits with the family's requests and cultural practices. 

3. Documentation Services: Death brings with it legality and paperwork. Part of funeral service packages often includes dealing with these official processes; among them, acquiring the necessary death certificates and providing assistance with obituary notices. 

4. Transportation Services: Transportation of the body from the abode of death to the funeral home, then to the burial or cremation site, is generally included. Some packages also arrange transportation for close family members. 

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Funeral Service Package 

Choosing an appropriate funeral service package may seem like an uphill task, especially during grieving periods. You'll want a package that not only honors the life of the deceased but also fits within your budget. Here's a list of factors to consider: 

1. Religious and Cultural Beliefs: It's essential that the funeral service package aligns with the religious and cultural beliefs of the family and the deceased. Most funeral homes offer packages that are sensitive to different traditions and customs. 

2. Financial Implications: Funeral service packages have different price ranges. Analyze your budget constraints and select a package that fulfills the family's wishes and requirements without causing financial stress. 

3. The Deceased's Last Wishes: If the departed had made their final wishes known, it would be imperative to respect them. Whether they preferred a simple ceremony or a grand send-off, ensure you select a package that will honor these wishes. 

The Integral Role of Funeral Homes

Funeral homes play a central part in managing the entire ceremony. Navigating this process can be demanding, which is why the professionals at funeral homes offer support, guidance, and expertise to ensure that everything progresses smoothly. 

funeral homes in Novato, CA


Funeral service packages serve as an umbrella, encompassing all the necessary arrangements required for a funeral, including services that the bereaved may not have initially considered. During this critical and sensitive period, funeral homes in Novato, CA like Parent-Sorensen Mortuary and Crematory, stand strong to provide solace, support, and much-needed services to grieving families.  

With our years of experience and passionate commitment to service, Parent-Sorensen Mortuary and Crematory offers comprehensive funeral service packages that respect and honor the life of your loved one. Our services are tailored to reflect your family's traditions, financial situation, and, most importantly, the wishes and personality of your departed loved one. 

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